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Sometimes clients ask what is the difference between psychotherapy and counselling
There is no agreed definition of how psychotherapy differs from counselling. It may be helpful to think of psychotherapy as offering a longer time-frame or greater depth of focus.

All qualified psychotherapists and counsellors will have trained in a specific approach or 'modality'. They will have worked in supervised placements within a counselling agency, in order to qualify for membership with a regulating body.

It is the approach of the therapist, and duration of the therapy offered, that will significantly affect the style of the therapy.

... and how to choose a therapist?

When choosing a therapist, the first thing to decide is if they are someone that you feel you can talk to comfortably and safely - an introductory initial session offers a good opportunity to do this.

You might want to consider if their approach appeals to you. For example, would you like to take time exploring your feelings, your past behaviours and experiences in great depth, or more immediately focus on defining and working towards goals for change.

It is very important to check that your counsellor is qualified, and has membership of a regulating professional organisation.

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